Guidance Notes

The UK Weighing Federation (UKWF) is the national trade organisation for manufacturers, dealers, repairers, installers and service organisations in the weighing machine industry. On behalf of its members it takes part in the development of new national, European and international legislation and Standards relating to all aspects of weighing. The UKWF believes the principles of fair competition; equitable trading and value for money are the basis for good business between its members and their customers. The UKWF has been established for over 50 years.

This Code of Practice has been produced (and first published in October 1999) by the UKWF as a means of demonstrating to all parties that UKWF Members operate to the highest standards of integrity and professional practice. As with all such Codes it will, from time to time need to be amended in the light of experience, changing customer needs and technological progress. To this end, the Code will be reviewed by the UKWF every 2 years and will be amended as necessary.

The Code is not intended to provide an alternative for those users of weighing equipment whose Quality System requires that their machines are calibrated by a UKAS Accredited organisation.  It will provide a calibration traceable to national/international standards, which will adequately provide the level of accuracy and traceability required by customers whose Quality System is in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

The Code recognises that many weighing machines are only used for weighings that are less than the maximum capacity of the machine, and the customer may then request that the calibration should be carried out over the normal “working” range of the machine. In such cases, the recommendation is that the calibration is carried out over the normal working range plus 5% (e.g. a 1,500kg capacity machine, used only for weighings up to 1,000kg may be calibrated up to 1,050kg - working range of 1,000kg +5%).

The UKWF will be pleased to receive comments and constructive criticism from users (calibrating organisations and their customers) of the Code and interested third parties such as Certification Bodies. Customers and members attention is drawn to Section 8 of the Code in cases where dispute or disagreement arises. The UKWF’s intention is to promote the highest standard of integrity amongst its Members and to provide their customers with the ratification which comes from using the services of a member of the nationally recognised trade association for the weighing industry.

Where known, the UKWF have included in the Code italicised notes of specific interpretations that particular Certification Bodies have defined. Readers should be aware that Certification Bodies are continually assessing and revising their interpretations and therefore such notes are included for reference only. For a full and complete understanding of such interpretations reference should always be made to documents issued by the Certification Body.

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