4. Test Equipment

Test equipment covered by this section includes test weights, force application systems and load cells.

Recommended tolerances for test weights are given in Annex A to this Code.

All test weights shall be kept in a clean dry condition and when not in use shall be stored in conditions that are not likely to affect their accuracy.

Factors to be taken into account when determining the calibration frequency for test equipment shall include the amount and type of use, whether the equipment has been subject to damage which may have affected the validity of the calibration, and the variation in value between calibrations.

Calibration certificates for test equipment shall be kept for sufficient time to demonstrate that the values are stable; records shall be kept for at least three previous calibrations. In the case of new equipment, the date it is brought into service shall be noted.

Calibration frequency shall be dependent upon the calibration history of the test equipment. The maximum interval between calibrations shall be 12 months.

All test equipment shall have a current certificate of calibration or certificate of accuracy traceable to national or international standards.

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