8. Enforcement & Complaints

Sufficient information must be recorded to allow customers queries to be answered.

Calibrations carried out to this Code of Practice satisfy the requirements of ISO9001:2008 assessment bodies. Any comments about the validity of the procedures described in this Code should  be brought to the attention of the UKWF without delay.

Complaints (by customers or relevant third parties) arising from any aspect of this Code of Practice or the calibration service provided under it should initially be discussed and resolved between the customer and the UKWF member concerned.

All complaints shall be recorded together with details of subsequent actions and resolution. Records of complaints, together with any corrective actions and the outcome of any investigation shall be retained for at least two years, and shall be considered during the Management Review.

If the complaint cannot be resolved, details of the complaint may be sent in writing to the General Secretary of the UK Weighing Federation, 10 Vyse Street, Birmingham, B18 6LT . The complaint will be acknowledged on receipt.

The complaint will be referred to the Board of Directors of the UKWF for investigation and action.  The decision of the Board of Directors will be made known in writing to both parties. In the event of a prolonged enquiry, both parties will be advised at regular intervals of progress.

The decision of the Board of Directors will be binding on the UKWF member.

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