1. Introduction

This Code of Practice is provided by the UK Weighing Federation (UKWF) for the benefit of its members and their customers.  It sets out the procedures for the calibration of weighing equipment, the selection of the personnel and test equipment which should be used and the methods of recording the results of the calibration. The Code requires UKWF Members to suitably train their personnel in all aspects of the Code and the industry.

The UKWF is the national trade association for manufacturers, dealers, repairers, installers and service organisations in the weighing machine industry.  On behalf of its members it takes part in the development of new national, European and international legislation and Standards relating to all aspects of weighing.  The UKWF believes that the principles of fair competition, equitable trading and value for money are the basis for good business between its members and their customers.  The UKWF has been established for over 100 years.

This Code of Practice has been produced by the UKWF as a means of demonstrating to all interested parties that UKWF Members operate to the highest standards of integrity and professional practice; their compliance with it is compulsory with effect from 1st January 1998.

It must be noted that any members offering a service that is referred to as a calibration must ensure that the service complies fully with the UKWF Calibration Code of Practice. Individual calibration certificates must be issued for each calibration and those certificates must reference the UKWF and this Code of Practice

The Code does not prevent members offering other services and executing other procedures. Any such procedures or services must not be referred to as a calibration. Any other services or procedures carried out by a member company which determine the accuracy of a non-automatic weighing instrument which are not covered by the Code must not have individual certificates and must not make reference to or imply that a calibration has been completed in compliance with this Code.

As with all such Codes it will from time to time need to be amended in the light of experience, changing customer needs and technological progress. To this end, the Code will be reviewed by the UKWF at regular intervals and will be amended as necessary.

The Code is not intended to provide an alternative for those users of Weighing Equipment whose Quality System requires that their machines are calibrated by a UKAS accredited organisation.  It will, however, provide a calibration traceable to national/international standards, which will adequately provide the level of accuracy and traceability required by customers whose Quality System is in accordance with the ISO 9000 series of standards.

The UKWF will be pleased to receive comments and constructive criticism from users (calibrating organisations and their customers) of the Code.  Customers' and members' attention is drawn to Section 8 of the Code in cases where dispute or disagreement arises. The UKWF’s intention is to promote the highest standard of integrity amongst its Members and to provide their customers with the peace of mind, which comes from using the services of a member of the nationally recognised trade association for the weighing industry.

The Regulatory Delivery Directorate of BIS welcomes the introduction of this UKWF industry “Code of Practice for the Calibration of Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments” which should help ensure weighing instruments remain accurate when in use for trade in the market place and in medical facilities”

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