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Advice on the new NAWI Directives

29th Sep 2015

The NMRO have produced a number of new guidance notes on the implementation of the new NAWI Directive which can be found on the following link:

This is a useful document and gives helpful advice. 

If you have your module D " self-verification approval"  from the NMRO I would draw your attention to paragraph 3 and 4.

"Paragraph 3 All certificates must be revised by 19th April 2016, we strongly advise you to submit an application form by 25th March 2016. There will be a charge of £107 per certificate. Where a manufacturer applies for multiple certificates to be revised there will be a pro-rata reduction in the costs."
The accuracy of this requirement is being discussed at the WELMEC working groups and I will be able to get back to you soon on this matter has been clarified If you wish to go ahead with this in the meantime I would discuss this with the NMRO beforehand.
"Paragraph 4" Organisations certified to conformity assessment modules D, D1, E, E1, H and H1 will be required to submit a written confirmation to NMRO that their Quality System has been transitioned to the new requirements.
We strongly advise you to submit your confirmation to us by 25th March 2016, so that there is time remaining to resolve any issues identified at the review. There will be a charge of £95 for the review of the submission. This will be invoiced after the review is completed. There may be additional charges for additional review time should any significant issues be identified.
This appears to be a reasonable requirements and I would encourage you to ensure that this is done by the time periods suggested by the NMRO.
They have also produced a gap analysis which may be of use at the following link:

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