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Instruments with Auxiliary Indicating Devices

19th Dec 2012

Advice regarding instruments with auxiliary indicating devices used for direct sales to the public

During the recent market surveillance study conducted by the NMO, it came to light that a considerable number of scales were being used in the jewellery trade that did meet the requirements of the Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Regulations, in that instruments with an auxiliary indicating device were being used for direct sales to the public.

Part 14 of Annex 1 states that instruments with auxiliary, or extended indicating devices shall not be used for direct sales to the public (with regard to instruments of a capacity of less than 100kg).

It also states "Instruments similar to those normally used for direct sales to the public which do not satisfy the requirements of this section must carry near to the display the indelible marking 'Not to be used for direct sale to the public'."

The advice of the UKWF is that if you are supplying an instrument that has an auxiliary or extended indicating device, it should be supplied with a sticker or label that could be applied to the instruments by the user if it were likely that the instrument could be seen as similar to one normally used for direct sales to the public.

This would enable the user of the scale to more easily make the appropriate decision depending upon where and when it was going to be used.

It must be stressed that it is not the responsibility of the member company to make this decision, but it would be seen as good professional behaviour to enable the user to ensure the instrument is fully compliant.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Ian Turner
Technical Officer

Industry Associations