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Changes that must be made to meet the requirements of the new NAWI Directive

29th Sep 2015

1) The verification procedure. This has now changed and it is possible to change the verification procedure. 
i) The Discrimination test is no longer necessary. This can be removed from your verification procedure.
ii) It is now necessary complete the tare test at one load between 1/3rd and 2/3rd the maximum tare. 
iii) It is now necessary to carry out only one repeatability test at approximately 80% of the maximum load.
2) The Declaration of Conformity
This must now be in the format outlined in Annex IV of the Directive 2014/31. This must be done by April 19th 2016. Click  for a copy of the annex of the NAWI Directive and a draft certificate that I have completed
3) Legal metrology markings
These must be in a new format by April 19th 2016 as shown on this document. 
In the space after the M must be the last two digits of the year on which the metrology marks was affixed. 
The numbers after the rectangle must be the identification number of the notified body involved in the production control phase. This will be the same number as you presently use for example 0126 for the NMRO and 0120 for SGS.

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