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Paul Surridge, of Target Leadership Consulting explains what good practice looks like and how to achieve it on limited resources.

About this event
Identifying high potential staff is critical to the success of all companies but at least 45 % of the time companies get it wrong. Leadership development professional, Paul Surridge will provide an overview of current best practice in the identification and development of high-potential employees.

He will look at how organisations define potential, the criteria they use to help identify those employees with potential, and how they use this to develop them towards bigger, broader roles in the future. He will also discuss the importance of such practices for succession planning and leadership development.

Paul will share practical tips on how firms can improve their success in identifying future leaders of their organisation.

Paul Surridge is a Senior Leadership Consultant who has worked as a Management Consultant for over 14 years in a number of global consulting firms, he has significant experience of working with organisations of all sizes and scale across multiple industries on people and leadership transformation and cultural change programmes.

His main area of expertise is in the design and implementation of leadership and high-potential assessment and development programmes, typically to support significant strategic and organisational change. He acts as an advisor to C-suite leaders within a number of global organisations, helping them to identify the unique leadership capabilities required to drive corporate strategy and to ensure they have the right leaders in place.

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