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Lobbying to Protect your Industry and your Businesses

24th Nov 2015

The board is happy to lead the way to lobby Parliament on this issue, but we need your support, as this is your trade association. To be successful our association needs to make its voice heard. It will require some time commitment and may take you away from your office, but we need your action to help protect our industry, your business and livelihood.

We have attached lobbying letters for members to lobby with independently. Please see the letter to MP’s if you are a business owner, or letter to MP for Employees if you work for a UKWF member company. We need to deliver a consistent message to as many MP’s as possible from all parties and need your help to raise the profile of these issues;

        1. Regulation should not be removed unless it can be shown to benefit the industry.


2. Enforcement of the regulation should not be dependent on where you are geographically.


3. Periodic requalification for weighing and measuring equipment.

Please address the relevant lobbying letter to your local MP and print and post it to them before parliament breaks for Christmas on 17th December. Please send this using your home or business address in their constituency. Furthermore, we would strongly encourage you to book a face to face meeting with your MP at one of their local surgeries to discuss these three issues and give your views on the subjects and to understand your MP’s views on the issues. The more MP’s hear of this issue the more important it will become, your MP is there to support local people and local businesses, please take this important message to them before we have detrimental changes made to our industry that will be irreversible.

The UKWF Board has organised a lobbying meeting on 13th January 2016 from 1pm- 3pm at Portcullis House Parliament London with MP’s. Please put this date in your diary and attend to make your views known. Please invite your local MP and encourage them to attend to hear views from the wider industry about these issues. The board are inviting Anna Soubry the Minister for Small Business and Sajid Javid the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills to the meeting. We need 30 – 50 UKWF members at this meeting to discuss these issues, so your attendance is vital.

We have attached a link here to a tracking form. Once you have printed and sent your letter to your local MP, or booked your MP surgery visit, please complete and return the tracking form to . This will allow us to monitor and chase MP’s planning to attend the meeting on 13th January and to know which UKWF members are able to attend the meeting.

If you have any queries or need any further assistance on the technical aspects of the revocation please contact Ian Turner our technical officer on 07581 499244 () . If you have any general queries please contact our secretariat office on 01727 582015 ()

Best Regards

Nick Catt

UKWF President 

Industry Associations