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The Section 70 Returns

21st Jul 2011

Under section 70 of the Weights and Measures Act, all local weights and measures authorities must make an annual return to the Secretary of State on the work that has been completed the previous year. It must be remembered that this is a statutory requirement. It is good to note that the percentage of authorities making the returns has risen from 78% the previous year to 95% for this year and that the information is being used in line with the risk assessment criteria suggested by the European Union. It is disappointing to note however, that only 60% of the packing plants that were due to be inspected were in fact inspected and only 8% of automatic weighing instruments were checked. The overall inspection rate has dropped from 28% in 08/09 to 19% in 09/10.

The failure of the enforcement authorities to properly control the instruments in the market place is having a clear effect on businesses doing their upmost to comply with legislation. Insufficient enforcement is allowing often non-compliant instruments into the market place.

Ian Turner
Technical Officer

Industry Associations