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The Weighbridge Report

21st Jul 2011

The first parts of the LGRegulation weighbridge survey looking at weighbridges used in landfill and recycling centres have published. It was disappointing to note that 25% of the weighbridges tested were found to be outside of the legal tolerance and of those 25% the average error was 210kg! It is also significant that Type Approval Document was only checked in 37% of inspections. The reason that the last figure is so important is that compliance with the type approval process is one of the major costs in getting a new instrument to market. It is the failure to ensure that all businesses are meeting the costs of international standards that is putting an unfair burden on the legitimate businesses that the UKWF represent.

The results of this survey are in line with other surveys carried out on weighbridges. We can only hope that Trading Standards Departments undertake the second part of this project and continue to add pressure to ensure that all traders, not just those involved in landfill and recycling, use fully complaint equipment.

Ian Turner
Technical Officer

Industry Associations