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Consolidated CoP- Enforcement Weighing of Vehicles

11th Mar 2013

It is worth remembering that this Code is still in force and any official bodies that take actions for overloaded vehicles must be mindful of the code.

Point 3.1.1 of Section 3 states that the instrument must have been tested within the preceding six months of when it was used. This is confirmed in point 2.1 of Annex 2.1 that states that any weighbridge that is used for the enforcement weighing of vehicles must be tested at 6 monthly intervals when the machine is in use.

Although this is only a code of practice and not a legal requirement, if you have customers that who have instruments that are being used for the enforcement weighing of vehicles it may be worth bringing the code to their attention.

A copy of the Code is available here - Consolidated Code of Practice- Enforcement Weighing of Vehicles.

If you have any questions regarding this please give me a call

Ian Turner
UKWF Technical Officer

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