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Weighing up the Cost to the Consumer

18th Jan 2016

The full and wider implications of the removal of any regulations needs to be carefully considered and the question asked ‘do the benefits out-weigh the implications’.

The UK Weighing Federation does not believe the cost-savings resulting from the removal of recent weighing regulations out weigh the serious risk of consumers being sold short.

For example, the removal of the test weight regulation, which was replaced by guidance notes means it is now local authorities having to decide on what is ‘satisfactory’. This will inevitably result in another postcode lottery scandal, with some consumers getting better protection against erroneous weights than others depending on location.

Furthermore, Policing the consumer’s rights will become more difficult. Testing equipment for calibration needs only be ‘satisfactory’, a term open to interpretation and inevitably abuse.

We need to avoid a race to the bottom with less scrupulous suppliers set to gain the most from weaker regulation.

The best and most efficient way to protect consumers is by periodic reverification
•  All trade approved equipment must be reverified every 2 years
•  Complete market surveillance – protecting against the proliferation of non-approved equipment
• This will lead to a self-regulated market.


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