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Brexit- The transition period

17th Apr 2018

The UKWF has had initial meetings with the NMI in the Netherlands and Force Certification in Denmark for the purpose of these notified bodies being able to transition the type examination certificates to EU certificates. It is even likely that they will offer a small discount to UKWF members. If the applying company can provide all of the technical files from the NMO this will be a paper work exercise and will hopefully take a number of days. If there is information missing from the technical files or the instrument is still in compliance with the 3v immunity requirement it will need to be retested with a consequent increase in price and time

It is very probable that the need to transition the type examination certificates to EU ones will also apply to test certificates, evaluation certificates and part certificates. As this will create a substantial workload for the notified bodies please consider undertaking this procedure sooner rather than later. If you would like to discuss this further please give Ian a call.

It is still intended for a new notified body to be set up in Dublin (run by the NSAI) for the purposes of the module D "self-verification". It is likely that this will be ready for later in the year and member companies that wish to undertake verification inside the EU can apply for the approval by the Irish notified body. It is hoped that this will provide a seamless transition for companies as we move towards the departure from the EU

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