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UKWF Members get access to GAMBICA courses through the partnership between UKWF and GAMBICA. This is a paid event so UKWF Members can book at the GAMBICA member rate. 

This virtual workshop on 27th July 2021 will help individuals be more professional, feel more confident and improve relationships with employees, managers, stakeholders, and customers both when communicating virtually, over the telephone and face to face. The workshop starts by defining assertiveness and learning how to distinguish between the different behaviours. Delegates will then learn the essential skills of assertiveness which will assist in both work and personal situations. Ahead of the workshop, participants will complete an online Assertiveness Profile for use during the workshop. 

Welcome, introductions and assertiveness questionnaire review to discover areas for development 

  •  Discover your predominant behavioural style 
  • Understanding the differences between aggressive, passive and assertive behaviours 
  • What is assertiveness? 
  • What are the effects of being passive or aggressive? 
  • Defining the benefits and advantages of assertive behaviour 
  • Using ‘Win-Win’ 
  • Assertiveness quiz 
  • Developing a more assertive style and learning assertive techniques 
  • Knowing how to say ‘No’ without feeling guilty 
  • Thinking brain vs. Emotional brain 
  • How to handle aggression from others 
  • Your assertive rights - The key to self confidence 
  • Adapting and projecting body language, voice and verbal communications to become more assertive 
  • Having impact and influencing others including face to Face, over the telephone and virtually 
  • Using positive, assertive words and phrases 
  • Body language quiz 
  • One way vs two-way communications and rapport building 
  • Questioning techniques and active listening 

Skills Action Plans, 
Workshop Evaluation and Summary

The workshop costs £300 plus VAT.
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