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General Advice re Essential Travel re Coronavirus Covid19

6th Apr 2020

General Advice re Essential Travel re Coronavirus Covid19

On 26th March the Government enacted “The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020”, with identical rules for Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Through this, Police have been given wide-ranging powers to help fight coronavirus, by enforcing social distancing measures designed to keep people apart.

The three key tools they have been given are:

  • The power to detain someone to be tested if they are believed to be infectious

A police officer can order a non-essential business to close while coronavirus regulations are in place.

Police can also enforce the two key social distancing rules, which ban:

  • Leaving the place where you live "without reasonable excuse"
  • Being in a public gathering of more than two people

A "reasonable excuse" which would avoid a fine includes travelling to and from work, if "absolutely necessary".

It is therefore up to each member company to themselves define what of their work is essential and absolutely necessary.

It could be advisable to give employees a letter authorising specific journeys to specific jobs.

Employees must also be made aware of the Social Distancing and hand washing rules when in 3rd party premises. It would be advisable to issue employees with personal protective equipment for their use where appropriate.

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