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Government position papers on the Brexit negotiations

19th Sep 2017

The document appears to offer good ideas and suggests that type approvals and other certifications should remain valid if they are issued prior to exit. If the EU accepts the position this will be a good position for the UK business. We are waiting for the next round of negotiations to understand what the view of the EU will be. Even if they accept the position paper without hesitation this will only relate to goods that we would be exporting to the EU27 and it is not clear if the UK Government would keep our legislation in line with the EU or we would need extra approvals for supply into the UK.

We are continuing to regularly lobby government on the importance of a UK notified body to support British Industry. Ian has attended two meetings on this subject in the past couple of months and is confident that the Government is listening to our message.  How successful we are with regard to this will depend upon the nature and progress of the negotiations.

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