The trusted voice of the UK weighing industry

There really is no better time to become part of the UKWF. We are a strong, established and influential member-led organisation. We represent our members’ interests at the highest levels of Government, while keeping our finger on the pulse of the weighing industry.

These are challenging and unprecedented times. Regulatory changes that result from Britain leaving the EU could impact heavily on our industry for years to come and we need to be prepared. Key decisions that will affect our businesses are being debated now and it is vitally important that our industry’s voice is clear and unified. By joining us, you add your voice to our number, and help shape the views we represent when dealing with the UK Government and many other influencers and decision-makers.

Equally, we know that to make the right decisions for your business, Information is key. Being part of the UKWF ensures you will be up to date with all the latest news, information and changes to our industry as they happen.

Integrity in Weighing

Membership of the UKWF acts as a clear kitemark of quality for weighing businesses. We promote and celebrate that our members to meet the highest standards of professionalism, accuracy and quality in all of their business activities. All of our members must comply with our codes of practice, which cover standards of service, fit-for-purpose facilities, ethical business practices and calibrations standards and services. By joining the UKWF, you can give your customers peace of mind and protection, while reinforcing the values embedded in your services.

Why Join the UK Weighing Federation

  • Do you offer weights and measures services?
  • Do you or your customers use weighing equipment?
  • Are you involved in any way with Weighing Regulations?
  • Do you or your EU customers buy, sell or operate in any way by weight measurement?
  • Do you have any kind of weighing query or problem?
  • Do you need to keep abreast of changes in UK or EU weighing legislation?

If you answer yes to any of the above, then you need to become a member of the UK Weighing Federation…


Access Our Member Benefits

The UKWF is a trusted professional partner to our members. It is an effective and proactive support service for any qualifying company involved in weighing and calibration. In addition to providing support and advice, our members receive the following benefits:

  • Guarantee of excellence – as membership of the UKWF is tightly controlled and only companies who deliver a quality service are admitted.

  • Regulatory compliance information service: The UKWF has close links with Government departments and agencies for the mutual benefit of members. We keep our members updated on all developments relevant to their businesses via a monthly update email, newsletters, webinars and ad hoc briefings.

  • An annual programme of webinars and member meetings for networking, information-sharing, regulatory updates and technical advice.

  • Exclusive access to the UKWF Apprenticeship and Legal Metrology courses, offered at unprecedented competitive rates.

  • Dispute resolution services if required by members.

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