UKWF Training Courses

UKWF Legal Metrology Apprenticeship and Certificate

We will soon be launching our UKWF Legal Metrology Apprenticeship Scheme. This programme will offer apprentices in our industry the opportunity to fully develop their skills and expertise in installation, calibration and servicing. 

The UKWF also offers a one-week Legal Metrology Certificate training course, recognised industry-wide, for anyone working in weighing companies to develop and enhance their professional skills.

These training programmes are available exclusively to UKWF members. 

CTSI and UKWF Training Programme

Our training partnership with the Chartered Institute for Trading Standards offers trading standards officer trainees the chance to visit a wide range of manufacturers of weighing instruments to gain practical experience of inspecting this equipment. 

Trainees can attend an Open Day at a weighing company’s premises, with the morning spend in a classroom-style training session on legal metrology theory, and the afternoon session spent gaining hands-on experience of how machines operate and how to inspect and validate them. 


Other UKWF Training Opportunities

The UKWF organises a range of training courses. Examples of subjects include: 

– UKWF calibration code of practice

– self-verification

– compatibility of modules 

– serial communications….

Courses are normally open to members and non members, with preferential rates for members 

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